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Why Should We Advertise?

If done properly, advertising is a valuable way to communicate to current and prospective customers. Advertising influences purchase decisions and create favorable images.


Why Advertise on Radio?

Radio has unique attributes that are highly compatible with today’s lifestyles. Radio moves with consumers who are literally moving targets. It’s well established in the household, car and office. Consumers have favorite radio stations, which translates into loyalty and responsiveness.


What Is The Best Way To Advertise?

There are tested methods that have long standing credibility. Keys to success depend in great part on nature of the product/business, purchase cycles, share of voice, creative impact and type of media.


What Are Ratings?

There are independent companies that survey listeners to determine audience size estimates. A rating is based on variables such as amount of time spent with media and population.


What Is Qualitative Research?

This type of research profiles consumers according to lifestyles, income, occupation, and education, product usage, purchase intent and media usage.


What Is Reach?

The number of different persons or households exposed to a particular media vehicle or media schedule at least once during a specified time period.


What Is Frequency?

The average number of times an individual is reached by the advertisers message over a specific period of time.


What Is Cume?

The total number of different persons who tune to a radio station during the course of a designated time period. (ex. 6-10am).


What Is a Thin Market?

In any given month the number of people in the market for a particular product category is small compared to the entire population. It is critical to conduct business dialogues when consumers are predisposed, ready to buy.


What Is Positioning?

It is the creative strategy to instill the advertising message/source in the consumers mind in a way that is differentiated from their competition.


How Much Does Radio Cost?

Cost per commercial is determined by demand. Consequently, rates fluctuate by month, weeks and days. Radio is affordable with low cost per thousand people reached. Even advertisers with small budgets can be accommodated on radio providing that they are flexible, consistent and willing to work with their station sales rep to maximize their advertising message. Finding a comfortable budget while providing sufficient return on investment can be developed with a thorough needs analysis.


Who Produces The Commercials?

Radio stations have professional creative staffs that write and produce commercials. Assuming that our radio station is a good fit we will develop a campaign and produce a commercial that effectively promotes your product, mission, story and image. In most cases, this service is free of charge.


What’s The Best Way To Advertise?

Special events typically require short but heavy blasts of advertising. Otherwise, TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) yields the greatest long-term benefit. Keeping in mind that not everyone is in the market for a given product, it is important to stay consistent so that when they are in the market, they think of you. Consequently, seeking short term results are difficult to attain let alone sustain.


What Is Special About Your Radio Station?

Refer to the station media kit, which showcases our target audience, their buying power and our unique format characteristics such as music, personalities, presentation and promotions.


What Is Cause Marketing?

Many advertisers like to be associated with events, and or non-profit organizations. Radio stations work very closely with charities, associations and community support groups.


What Is Co-op Advertising?

Co-op is partially paid by your vendors/suppliers…usually based on your product purchase levels. Many radio stations have in-house services that can assist you in determining any available funds.


What Is Recruitment Advertising?

Many firms are reaching out to prospective candidates for employment within their companies with radio commercials.

What Is a Remote?

This is a broadcast from location other than the radio station’s studio (Your Location) (e.g. grand openings, festivals, store locations, etc.).


What Are The Most Common Mistakes Advertisers Make?

Some advertisers have unrealistic expectations. Their investment and commitment are not matched properly with what is necessary to move the market. Also, mistakes can be made when there is a tendency to try to communicate too much information. The most important consideration is having a good commercial. Putting little emphasis on new information, differentiation and persuasiveness can create sound alike, boring commercials that are easy to tune out.


What Is a Daypart?

These are the time segments into which a day is divided…for example…morning drive…6a-10am…midday 10am-3pm…afternoon drive 3p-7pm…evenings 7p-mid and overnights mid-5am.

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